The 2021 Global Respiratory Summit will be held virtually on Thursday, September 9th. One  more year, we want to provide the platform for patient organizations to raise their voice for urgent issues, to share best practices and to come together with respiratory advocacy organizations.

Global Respiratory Summit Agenda

  • 13:00h CEST: Introductory session with GAAPP President, Tonya Winders from
  • 14:00 CEST: Breakout sessions for the three respiratory disease states: asthma, COPD, rare disease. These sessions will bring respiratory advocacy organizations together to share best practices and leverage the collective voices in each respiratory disease.

Asthma session

This session will be led by Vanessa Foran, President, and CEO at Asthma Canada.

COPD session

This session will be led by Nicole Hass, Spokesperson and Technical Advisor of APEPOC (Spanish National COPD Association).

Rare Disease session

This session will be led by Migdalia Denis, Director of Latin Health Leaders (USA & LATAM).

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GAAPP Academy – Upcoming Webinars

During our 2021 GRS, we will also support our members with 6 capacity-building webinars that were held online weekly every wendesday from September 15th until October 27th.  These sessions cover a variety of topics offered in both English and Spanish.

Webinar topics include the following: 

  • Video Content Creation 
    (ENG Sept 15th 14:00h CET, ES Sept 22nd 15:30h CET)

  • Storytelling 
    (ENG Sept 22nd 14:00h CEST, ES Sept 29th 15:30h CET)

  • Coalition Building
    (ENG Sept 29th 14:00h CET, ES Oct 6th 15:30h CET)

  • All Systems Go—Technology to Help You Advocate
    (ENG Oct 6th 14:00h CET, ES Oct 13th 15:30h CET)

  • Social Media for Beginners
    (ENG Oct 13th 14:00h CET, ES Oct 20th 15:30h CET)

  • Building a Case for Financial Support
    (ENG Oct 20th 14:00h CET, ES Oct 27th 15:30h CET)

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