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Based in Vienna, Austria, GAAPP’s Board is representative of all regions of the world with large and small groups, all with a common purpose: empowering the patient and supporting the patient voice so that decision makers in both the public and private sectors, in government and industry will be mindful of patient needs, patient desires and patient rights.
Since 2009 we have grown into a vibrant worldwide organization with more than 60 constituent members from every continent sharing information and best practices, concerns and hopes.
GAAPP’s Mission is to globally support and empower patients with allergies, airways and atopic diseases by protecting their rights and insisting on the duties of governments, healthcare professionals and the general public.
GAAPP’s Objectives are
to establish a global network to empower patients with allergies, airways and atopic diseases to

  • working together with governmental and health-care organizations to minimize the impact of allergies, asthma, and urticaria
  • being an equal partner involved in the decision-making from inception to conclusion with global health-care organizations
  • facilitating the founding of patient organizations in emerging countries
  • fighting for best-practice therapy
    and to support the worldwide community managing allergies, asthma, atopic eczema and urticaria by:
  • assisting patients to take an active role in managing their disease and empowering those who support them in the process
  • demanding unpolluted healthy air for patients
  • collaborating with member organizations to help with health and social policy concerns
  • aid emerging countries with the necessary diagnostic and therapeutic remedies for patient

For member organizations GAAPP annually executes a Scientific Meeting and the GRS (Global Respiratory Summit) – 2020 with virtual participation – to support their member organizations with latest scientific developments in the field of allergies, airways and atopic diseases and with capacity building webinars:
First setting awareness, education & policy priority goals – then capacity building webinars e.g. for

  • Social Media Engagement
  • Fundamentals of Fundraising
  • Covid-19 Crisis Management
  • Digital Health & Telehealth
  • Engaging in Government and HTS bodies

GAAPP is developing, conducting and disseminating across all communication channels multi-channel awareness campaigns of World Awareness Days and supports different Registries for patients (Asthma, Covid-19+Asthma, Covid-19-+Atopic Dermatitis).
We engage experts in allergy, airways and atopic diseases to craft key messages and coordinate the distribution of the messages among all organizations in GAAPP.
We strive to raise the voice of patients and be patient advocate (e.g. GINA guidelines or GOLD guidelines) by getting involved whenever relevant treatment guidelines change or new drugs become available. GAAPP is co-author of the Charter for Patients with Severe Asthma and participates in real-life studies.
Our key values are Patient Centricity, Accountability, Transparency, Growth Mindset and Respect.

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