Transforming post-pandemic care for people with chronic respiratory diseases

The International Respiratory Coalition aims to help governments and healthcare systems recover from COVID-19 by improving respiratory care. We want to improve outcomes for people living with respiratory diseases through national level respiratory strategies and build resilience against future pandemics.


COVID-19 continues to place an immense burden on health systems globally, and with nearly 600 million people around the world living with chronic respiratory diseases, we need to see a change in care for these diseases.

As part of our mission to support and empower patients with airways diseases, we’re coming together with the European Respiratory Society, AstraZeneca, Amgen, and leading respiratory clinicians to launch the International Respiratory Coalition. In this new partnership, we’ll work to prioritize respiratory diseases, refine national strategies that can better support health systems, and improve the delivery of care worldwide.

Short video introduction about the IRC:


Please check more information about the International Respiratory Coalition in the European Respiratory Society Publication:

If you have any questions about this coalition, its purposes, and how we will strive to implement our goals please reach us at