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To our GAAPP Community:

In the past month, we have celebrated awareness days for Eczema, World Lung Day, and Urticaria. Thank you to the organizations that joined the GAAPP campaigns and utilized our communication grants! Awareness days, and our coordinated activities, are the best way to share our message with as many people as possible.

World Lung Day is approaching in November, and our Board is preparing to hold a strategic planning meeting in December to review the outstanding work created during the Global Respiratory Summit in September. We look forward to sharing the action plans for GAAPP with you all! 


Upcoming Events



Member Opportunities


There is still time to participate in our World Lung Day activities!

World Lung Day (25 Sept) – Asthma Care Access: The Voice of the Uncared, a short documentary with testimonials from patients and health care professionals from LMICs about the challenges of getting asthma cared for, monitored, or controlled in the less privileged regions of the world is still available to share for World Lung Day efforts. The member communication grant will be available until 25 Oct




Member Organization Funding Requests

Does your organization have a project or initiative that requires additional funding?  GAAPP can support your initiatives and campaigns!

With funding assistance from GAAPP, APAD, a member organization in Panama, conducted a campaign called “Aprende a cuidar tu asma” (Learn to take care of your asthma). The purpose was to educate on the importance of physical activity, sports, and proper medical control to manage asthma. It was carried out in 5 schools for children and adolescents from ages 5 to 17 years old with asthma and allergies.

Funding requests are reviewed on a quarterly basis. For more information and requirements, visit:


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image-from-clipboard.pngWorld Urticaria Day 

World Urticaria Day was celebrated on October 1st! GAAPP collaborated with GA2LEN to subtitle 10 patient educational videos in Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese that will be available all year. The videos provide basic information for newly diagnosed Urticaria patients and caregivers. Watch and share at:



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COPD Patient Empowerment Guides: Brazilian Portuguese

Our COPD Patient Empowerment Guides have been translated into Brazilian Portuguese. We would like to thank our Member organization Unidos Pela Vida for their help in adapting and distributing this to the patients in Brazil.

Download translated guides: 

If you want the guides translated into your language, please contact us.



Brazilian Forum on ATS for Rare Diseases

We are pleased to announce our member organization event, the 1st Brazilian Forum on ATS for Rare Diseases on 24 and 25 November (in Brazilian Portuguese).

Register to attend this free and virtual event at:



Patient training on EU clinical trials and health emergency preparedness 

The European Federation of Allergy and Airways Diseases Patients’ Associations (EFA) is pleased to invite you to our upcoming Meet & Greet the EU training: “The new European Medicines Agency (EMA) and Clinical Trials Regulation: what role for patients?,” that will be held 27th October.

  • More information here:   
  • Where? The event will take in person for a limited number of EFA Members and patients or patient representatives in Brussels. Interested patient representatives from non-EFA Members and individual allergy and respiratory patients are invited to attend online
  • When? 27 October, 9h00 – 16h00 CEST 
  • How? Click here toaccess the registration form.  

Please find the full agenda here for more information:  

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us at

Join EFA for a fruitful day of patient-centered discussions, learning and networking!  




The Respiratory Health, Allergy, and Atopy Summit (“SAREAL”, as it reads its acronym in Spanish) will bring together 14 GAAPP member organizations working for chronic respiratory diseases, allergic, and atopic conditions to explore the underlying connection and commonalities. This meeting will provide the Latin American patient advocacy groups a chance to work together, network, expand their mission to cover more pathologies, and develop a joint roadmap to work together toward a common goal: To improve the quality and span of life of patients in LATAM.

More info: 

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GAAPP Facebook Community – Join the Conversation!

GAAPP has a private Facebook group for our member organisations. Join the group today to connect to other organizations to increase collaboration! Scan the QR code to view the group and request to join, or click here!


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