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  • A paper co-authored by GAAPP President, Tonya Winders, was published in June 2020 JACI and outlines the international unmet needs in pediatric asthma. Read the paper here.


  • GAAPP President, Tonya Winders, was an author on this paper, "A Charter to Improve Patient Care in Severe Asthma" that can be read here.


Other Relevant Articles

  • This article by Van Herck et al. shows that severe fatigue is highly prevalent in asthmatic patients; it is an important determinant of disease-specific quality of life and a crucial yet ignored patient-related outcome in patients with asthma:


  • This article by Rochester et al. shows that pulmonary rehabilitation benefits people with chronic respiratory diseases, yet few eligible patients enroll. People with chronic lung diseases are often unaware of or lack access to PR. This is an important healthcare disparity that should be addressed: