GAAPP is glad to provide you with financial support for your projects.  We make available some project funding each year for which GAAPP members can submit a Request for Funding. Projects should reflect GAAPP’s Mission and Objectives

Before you apply we encourage you to make sure that you read and understand GAAPP Project Funding Policy

  1. Only member organizations may submit requests for funding.
  2. In order to submit a request for funding, a member organization must have been a member of GAAPP for at least 6 months, dated from the Board’s approval as a member.
  3. In order to be considered, the organization must also demonstrate that it has participated in and engaged with GAAPP genuinely in at least one campaign, meeting, or initiative.
  4. Member organizations can submit a request for funding at any time but funding requests will only be reviewed by the Board in January and June.
    • January funding revision: Applications for January must be submitted by December 15.
    • June funding revision: Applications for June must be submitted by May 15.
  5. Only one request for funding from a member organization will be considered in a six-month funding cycle.
  6. GAAPP will only fund up to 25% of any given project and requests for funding must indicate the funding sources of the other 75% of funding.
  7. No world awareness day funding will be granted as GAAPP wishes its member organizations to participate in GAAPP’s own global campaigns for world awareness days.
  8. Requests for funding must:
    • Be written in English
    • Provide a reasonably detailed budget that includes all estimated costs of the project. The budget should include the total cost of the project and major categories (e.g. costs associated with development, delivery, materials, staffing). As GAAPP only funds up to 25% of any project, indicate the likely funding source(s) of the remaining 75%.
    • Commit to the provision of a report on the project as proof of accountability, no less than 3 months after the completion of the project.
    • Include the names and positions in the member organization of the 2 executive members who sign the request for funding.
    • State the duration of the project noting that all projects must be completed within one year.

Request for Project Funding: Application Form

Initial Checklist:

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If you are unsure about any element of this list please contact us at

Project information:

Please answer briefly and concisely. It is not necessary to write a long proposal, if we need more information about any specific point of your submission GAAPP will contact you personally. You can also submit any supporting documents below to complement your information.
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1000 characters max.. Bulletpoints are fine
1000 characters max.. Bulletpoints are fine
1000 characters max.. Bulletpoints are fine
1000 characters max.. A simple list is fine. We review the proposals on January and June.

Project Funding:

Itemize in USD or EUR
GAAPP will only fund up to 25% of the total of any given project.
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Supporting documents:

Share any document with us that you consider that will help us understand your project,  how it is funded or how GAAPP will be acknowledged.

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Please eSign using your full legal name, passport/ID, and birthday. We need the signature of 2 executive members of your organization.

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