GAAPP has worked with numerous organizations that strive to improve the wellbeing of patients with allergies, asthma, and other atopic diseases. Our member organizations have access to a range of resources and work with us to achieve our common goals.
Here’s what some of our member organizations have to say:

Since becoming a member of the GAAPP organization, I have met so many wonderful people including the President, the Board of Directors, and many others that make up the GAAPP family. This organization provides education and advocacy for people with respiratory diseases from all walks of life, and from every continent worldwide – which is what makes this organization one-of-a-kind. Highlighting our organization from the beginning by placing our videos and posters concerning asthma education on the GAAPP social media outlets has given us a much larger platform to speak from here in the U.S. GAAPP is willing to partner with other organizations to bring about change that will empower people with respiratory diseases to become their own advocates and let their voices be heard, to bring about change to policies on how healthcare is delivered. It is their goal to minimize the impact of allergies, asthma, and urticaria have on patients’ lives.

Institut Atopika is a non-governmental organization that represents patients with atopic dermatitis, asthma, allergies and other associated medical conditions in Slovenia, and we are very grateful to be a member of GAAPP. With the help of GAAPP, it is easier for us to stay informed about current events, training and newly published scientific articles with important medical advances. Through GAAPP, we can connect with other organizations around the world and with important stakeholders. We are a smaller organisation without regular financial support and with all our activities accomplished by volunteers. In this respect, GAAPP can co-finance our programmes, which allows us to provide higher quality services for our users.

Tina Mesaric, Atopika

Being part of GAAPP is an asset to our organisation as it helps us grow – thanks to the network of international organisations and other patients’ associations that it creates. This network gives the possibility of connect with one another and finding that we have similar missions and can work together to achieve one goal. The possibility of associations and patients’ groups working together ultimately helps improve the quality of life of our patients – by giving us resources that are not accessible in Italy. Having the opportunity to raise awareness of the pathologies that we deal with at European and international level is also crucial, as well as having access to shared organizational and empowerment models.

Francesca Pirovano, Respiriamoinsieme

On behalf of the Asthma and Allergies Patient Association of Ethiopia, we are very pleased to be under the umbrella of GAAPP. There are so many benefits to becoming a member:

  • GAAPP is a global patient advocate for our cause, which is manifested in the virtual meetings we have
  • GAAPP is serving as a bridge for national advocates to link with other stakeholders, such as pharmaceutical companies, where patients can work in collaboration with them
  • GAAPP is a source for technical and financial capacity building.

It is in our best interest to be part of GAAPP, which gives us contact with leading organizations in other countries, and to be able to learn about best practices at an international level.

This also gives us the opportunity to identify strategic projects in which we can participate. In addition, GAAPP facilitates an update on new standards, opportunities, and trends in the future of healthcare.

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