Urticaria App for iPhone and Android

Did you ever step into stinging nettles? Then you certainly still remember the itching and burning and the feeling of having to scratch. The good thing is: we can try to steer clear of nettles and even if we accidentally get in touch with them, the symptoms disappear rather quickly. Unfortunately not everybody is that lucky. Some people suffer from “Hives” or Urticaria, which means they virtually have to live in a bed of stinging nettles.

The severity of Urticaria can vary. The spectrum ranges from a short and mild discomfort up to years of constant torture. Also the triggers for Urticaria are different from patient to patient – In some cases the trigger can be identified and easily avoided, in other cases it is never found.

The most important step is to identify the triggers and determine the individual sensitivity threshold. To do that it is essential to run a diary that helps to document the course of the disease. This app will help those affected with it. Fewer relapses or a decrease in the severity of relapses, is already a success.

Features of the App*:

  • General Information on Urticaria
  • Test: Do I have Urticaria and if so, what form?
  • Urticaria control test
  • 7-day Urticaria activity score
  • Angioedema Activity Score
  • Diary

* The App is currently available in English and Germain. A Russian, Portuguese and Spanish Version will be available soon.