Prepare for the interview with your doctor

  • Make a note of when your urticaria occurred for the first time and how often discomforts has occurred since then.
  • What do you think is the cause? Are there triggers that aggravate your urticaria?
  • Write down your previous therapies (name, duration, dose).
  • Write down the medications you have taken against urticaria so far (name of the drug, duration of use, dosage).
  • How well have these medications helped and what side effects have they had?
  • Write down the medications you are currently taking, even those that are not being taken for urticaria or that have not been prescribed by your doctor.
  • Please also record the medicines you do not take regularly (e.g. headache tablets) and specify how many times a month you take the medicine and when you last took it.
  • If tests have already been carried out to find the cause of your hives, bring along previous findings.