World Bronchiectasis Day 2023 Webinar Banner

In the context of the 2nd World Bronchiectasis Day, which the global community will celebrate on 1 July 2023, AAIDA and GAAPP have created a unique educational webinar.

Our speakers from around the globe include Lauren Dunlap, PACS, Ashok Gupta, MD, Ghulam Mustafa, MD, and Tonya Winders, MBA (president of GAAPP).

Webinar Topics:

This multidisciplinary group of two healthcare practitioners and two patient advocates will discuss the following topics:

  • World-view perspectives from allergy/immunology and pulmonology specialists in the diagnosis, epidemiology, therapeutic endpoints, and advancements in treatment for non-cf bronchiectasis.
  • Overlapping conditions often associated with non-cf bronchiectasis (immune deficiencies, infections, etc.)
  • Disease management and lifestyle factors are involved from a patient’s perspective when choosing treatment options and stigmas associated with the diagnosis.

This webinar was recorded and then streamed live on 1 July 2023 at 15:00h CEST and 15:00h EST, and it’s also available on the AAIDA and GAAPP websites and YouTube channels for archived viewing. 

Watch the Webinar:

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