In 2023, GAAPP introduced a mechanism to strengthen the strategic alignment amongst stakeholders in allergy, respiratory, and atopic diseases by creating the GAAPP Corporate Council.

The GAAPP Corporate Council provides valuable access to the GAAPP leadership and key opinion leaders. Corporate Council members support the core mission work of GAAPP to achieve its mission through awareness, education, advocacy, and research. The Council comprises representatives from the pharmaceutical, medical devices, and other relevant stakeholders involved in allergy, respiratory, and atopic diseases.

The Corporate Council aims to identify solutions to global challenges, share knowledge, and explore collaborative opportunities. As such, GAAPP will convene the appropriate stakeholders and work together to identify the challenges facing the patient advocacy community and how to overcome these obstacles from a global perspective.

Goals of the Council

The Pharmaceutical Industry Corporate Council of GAAPP is a crucial alliance bridging the gap between the pharmaceutical sector and patient advocacy groups led by GAAPP. This collaborative initiative aims to foster a more patient-centric approach within the pharmaceutical industry. By providing a platform for dialogue and cooperation, GAAPP enables pharmaceutical companies to better understand patient needs, concerns, and perspectives while also ensuring they work collaboratively amongst themselves for the patient’s benefit.

This Council plays a pivotal role in shaping healthcare policies and practices by advocating for increased transparency, improved access to medications, and enhanced patient safety. By working closely with patient organizations; it helps ensure that pharmaceutical companies prioritize the development of innovative therapies that address unmet medical needs and improve the overall quality of life for patients.

Through ongoing partnerships and information-sharing, the Pharmaceutical Industry Corporate Council of GAAPP seeks to promote a harmonious relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and the individuals it serves – the patients. This collaboration serves as a testament to the collective commitment to advancing healthcare, fostering trust, and enhancing the patient experience in the ever-evolving landscape of medicine. For inquiries on how to join the Corporate Council, please email us at

Current council members:

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