Benefits for GAAPP Members

As a member of GAAPP, we invite you to actively engage in the collaborative development of our common goals for the upcoming year in the areas of awareness, education and policy change for patients and healthcare professionals worldwide.

GAAPP is enhancing global quality standards for access to treatment, diagnosis and care and supports member organizations in local the adaption and implementation according to their needs .

By becoming a member and joining the GAAPP community, you can actively help our cause – to build awareness, increase education and encourage policy change for patients with allergy, airways, and atopic diseases and their healthcare professionals across the world.

Joining the GAAPP community grants you unique access to a range of information and support, including helping your organization grow from its foundations. As a GAAPP member you are able to utilize our global presence to amplify your voice and fulfill your local needs.

What do you get from GAAPP

  • Amplify your voice throughout our community
  • Get support for your projects financially and by knowledge transfer
  • Get in contact with other organizations around the world and the people behind
  • Share knowledge and experiences in our face-to-face meetings
  • Get early information about latest guidelines, scientific articles and studies
  • Benefit form webinar- trainings (e.g. how to consolidate your organization and make it stronger, Fundraising, etc.)
  • Participate in campaigns and receive information for your members, stakeholders, social media channels, website, and more
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What we do

GAAPP works with healthcare and governmental organizations – such as WHO, EAACI, ERS, GINA, GOLD, WHO GARD and IPCRG – to improve the lifestyles of patients and reduce the impact of these diseases. Serving as an equal partner, we can make active, beneficial changes to health and social policy and global decision-making, while exchanging information and best practices with our member organizations. We also strive to improve the quality of diagnosis and therapy within the field. As a global platform, GAAPP aims to serve as an intermediary among patient organizations, enabling the amplification of local voices and encouraging communication across the globe. We also strive to demand global standards – including an increase in air quality by reducing pollution – that will ultimately empower patients and their communities and improve their lifestyles. We also support the establishment of patient organizations in low and middle-income countries, helping improve allergy, airways, and atopic disease care and support across the world.

GAAPP members benefit from first-hand knowledge and our support for local adaption and implementation of global quality standards.

You will also have access to the largest healthcare and governmental organizations in the world via GAAPP, who serves as an intermediary platform. Your organization can also use our resource library (soon to come)  and will receive an annual invitation to our Scientific Meeting and Global Respiratory Summit. GAAPP can help make your organization thrive in its local community – granting it access to worldwide initiatives and shared decision making, as well as global events and the highest-quality of support. This will, in turn, enable your local patients and their healthcare professionals to thrive too.


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Memberships are open to organizations worldwide and are always free. We currently have 67 member organizations collaborating on the work we do and benefiting from our global presence and expertise – from all continents   You can find all our member organizations here. To apply, complete the application form below, and to find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact GAAPP-Office +43 (0)676 7534200 or