Who can become a Member?

Patient Advocacy Groups or NGOs working with Airways, Atopic or Allergic diseases can become GAAP Members following these criteria:

1-Type of organizations :

  • Patient organizations, foundations, associations, or their equivalents in respective countries.
  • Healthcare professional-led organizations are welcome, provided they actively engage in patient advocacy and have patient representation on their board.
  • Not-for-profit or NGO organizations focusing on health promotion.
  • Not-for-profit organizations engaged in general welfare and charity work are welcome, provided they have a specific focus or program for advocacy in airways, atopic, or allergic diseases.

2- Legalities:

  • Must have Not-for-profit status.
  • All interested organizations must be legally registered and incorporated with the relevant authorities in their respective countries.
  • Member organizations are required to maintain a dedicated bank account for their organizational finances, promoting transparency and accountability.
  • It’s essential for all member organizations to adhere to all applicable rules and regulations in your country regarding reporting, taxes, and other legal obligations.

Benefits for GAAPP Members

GAAPP raises global quality standards for access to treatment, diagnosis, and care. We support member organizations in meeting the unmet needs of their local patient communities. As a GAAPP Member, you will have the chance to:

Gain support for your projects: GAAPP provides financial support and knowledge transfer.

Share best practices & network with other advocates around the world.

Attend training & capacity-building live & on-demand to advance your skills.

Get updated, relevant information about the latest science & global guidelines.

Leverage our global presence to amplify your voice to fulfill your mission.

Help your organization grow its reach & impact.

Build awareness and encourage policy change.

Participate in GAAPP Global Awareness Days campaigns with professional, turn-key assets for digital & social promotion.

Attend annual conferences such as GAAPP Scientific Meeting, Global Food Allergy Summit, & The Global Respiratory Summit.

Elect leaders of GAAPP & determine annual organizational goals by participating in our Annual General Meeting.

Apply to Become a Member

GAAPP Membership is free and open to organizations worldwide. We currently have over 100 member organizations from all continents. You can find all our member organizations here. To apply, please complete the form below. To find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact our GAAPP Office at

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