Take Action on Biological Medications

You’ve learned about Biological Medications and discussed with your doctor if this medication might be right for you.  

How do you make Biological Medications a part of your health journey?

When you and your doctor have made a decision to use a biologic medication, let the doctor know that you’re ready to move ahead and get started!

Check with your doctor to determine if specific medical tests or assessments will need to be done before you begin a biological medication.  Things the doctor may want to check, depending on your condition, may include: 

  • Your current lung function and/or fractional exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO)
  • Your current atopic dermatitis status
  • Screening for hepatitis B or C
  • Screening for tuberculosis (TB)
  • Blood tests (complete blood count, metabolic panel, Vitamin D, tryptase and total IgE level)
  • Blood tests (complete blood count, metabolic panel, Vitamin D, tryptase, blood eosinophils and total IgE level)
  • Vaccine status

Be sure you know:

  • How the medication will be given – will it be given by injection in the doctor’s office or at home?  Will it be given by infusion at an infusion center?
  • If the medication is given at home, how should it be stored?  Will any special equipment be needed?
  • Should you continue your current medications and treatments?
  • Have you alerted your doctor to any planned medical procedures or surgeries?
  • How will the medication be paid for?
  • What side effects should be watched for?  What action should be taken if any side effects are severe?

How can I get more information on biological medications and biosimilars?

The links below can help you find more information on biological medications:

Links to the companies that make each highlighted biological medication:

Additional resources:

Current situation and therapeutic perspectives in cystic fibrosis – European Respiratory Society


  • What words do you need to know?
  • What Biological medications are used for allergy and airway health issues?
  • Are Biological medications expensive?
  • What is treatment with a Biological medication like?
  • What should I consider when thinking about a Biological medication?


  • What questions do I want to ask my doctor or healthcare provider?
  • What is shared decision making?
  • How do my doctor and I find the right Biological medication for me?

Take Action

  • How do I prepare for treatment with a Biological medication?
  • What resources are available for me as I move forward with a Biological medication?
  • What should I expect from treatment with a Biological medication?

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