Define Your Asthma


Define Your Asthma is a severe asthma campaign with education at its heart. Its personal and inspirational approach aims to equip patients and physicians with the knowledge and confidence to start well-informed conversations. The campaign is led and coordinated by Global Allergy and Asthma Patient Platform (GAAPP) in partnership with member organisations, aiming to reduce the time to diagnosis and optimal management for people with severe asthma.

Through the sharing of information and education by this global network of organisations, we aim to give you the tools to start a conversation about your condition with your doctor and ultimately improve your ability to be free to live the life you would like to lead. We, and our member organisations, will be sharing helpful videos, articles and information on the page to help you to define your asthma.

Our campaign is dedicated to celebrating the possibilities of life when severe asthma is diagnosed and treated correctly. Our five heroes resonate with a broad spectrum of people, sharing their positive, yet attainable view of living with severe asthma. Their stories have been carefully crafted from real experiences of people living with severe asthma.

By defining your asthma you don’t need to suffer in silence – if your treatment for asthma isn’t working for you, it might be because you have a different form of the condition. There’s a simple way to find out – just ask your doctor for a referral to a specialist for further investigation.

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Disclaimer: GSK is committed to helping people living with severe asthma and is proud to contribute to this GAAPP Severe Asthma Patient Education Campaign by providing independent communication agency support and an educational grant.


Can you relate to these stories? Which one do you identify with?


I love walking, but I’ve always worried something might happen. After changing my treatment I can roam a bit further than before.

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I really missed all the buzz of the office when I was stuck at home… since getting my medication right, I’m back in the thick of it again.


Mum was always stressed about going holiday because we needed to be near the hospital. Now things are better she says we can go to a different country… I can’t wait to go exploring for fish.

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This time last year, I was sitting in the shade at my daughter's birthday party feeling like I’d embarrass her if I joined in. This year, I’ve almost been able to keep up with her.

Asthma shouldn't have to impact your everyday life. Head over to the Define Your Asthma page on Facebook and join the conversation on managing your condition