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Research News and Opportunities



Recruiting Research Opportunities

This month, we have many paid opportunities for patients and/or caregivers to get involved and meaningfully contribute to research and patient advisory boards. All opportunities include stipends that are paid at a fair market price for each participant’s country.

You may also find research studies that you qualify for on our recruiting webpage here.

Please let us know if you or someone in your community is a good match for any of these. For more information on GAAPP projects that are recruiting: research@gaapp.org



Get Involved


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World Bronchiectasis Day

Join a World Bronchiectasis Day webinar to explore the value of patient engagement in research. GAAPP brings together an expert in her field and a patient ambassador in conversation. Listen to Dr. Michal Shteinberg, M.D., PhD. And Ninon Farber as they discuss Ninon’s journey through her struggle with bronchiectasis and the value she found in participating in research. Find out how you as a patient can engage in research.

Register here!



GAAPP Publications


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#GAAPP Co-authored Publication
“Recommendations for asthma monitoring in children: A PeARL document endorsed by APAPARI, EAACI, INTERASMA, REG, and WAO”.

Following an approach that included needs assessment, evidence appraisal, and Delphi consensus, the PeARL Think Tank, in collaboration with major international professional and patient organizations, has developed a set of 24 recommendations on pediatric asthma monitoring, to support healthcare professionals in decision-making and care pathway design.



Relevant News


CAAT logo.jpg

The CAAT website has been updated with a new video for healthcare providers speaking to evidence in asthma and COPD. GAAPP will be sharing an educational CAAT postcard at different conferences and at our annual meetings this year. For more information, click here.



From the Chief Scientific Officer Desk


World Bronchiectasis Day, celebrated annually on July 1st, raises awareness of bronchiectasis and supports patients and their families. Organized by over 20 global lung health organizations, this day focuses on education, advocacy, and research.

We are delighted to present a webinar that brings together an expert and a patient ambassador who will help you understand how you, as a patient or researcher, can engage in local and international research activities.

Chief Scientific Officer Ruth Tal-Singer, PhD



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