About ICAN 2023

The second ICAN Meeting was held in Milan, Italy, 9 September 2023 at the NH Milano Congress Centre in conjunction with the ERS Congress. The ICAN was created to promote innovation and strengthen international collaborations on asthma in general, with a focus on severe asthma, and the currently unmet need in the space beyond well-described T2 pathways and treatments.

We invited early career investigators to submit abstracts on severe and exacerbation prone asthma, especially when unresponsive to current therapies. The ICAN is particularly interested in promoting bioinformatics and other approaches to data analysis that can be enhanced with international collaborative efforts that bring together data generated by various research groups to arrive at novel and more generalizable findings.

38 Abstracts were selected. Specific criteria by which abstracts were selected included:

  • Innovation
  • Translation
  • Need for international collaboration

Who attended?

38 abstracts were selected for presentation at the in-person meeting. We will also invite academic, industry, NIH, ERS, and agency representatives. The abstracts will be grouped based on their topic (see below).

  1. Breath Analysis and Microbiome
  2. Circadian Rhythm
  3. Complex Data
  4. Novel Diagnostics and Mechanisms
  5. Novel Therapeutics
  6. Systemic Effects

Organizing Committee:

Praveen Akuthota, Fan Chung, Ratko Djukanovic, Hannah Durrington, Stephen Fowler, Benjamin Gaston, Nizar Jarjour, Eneida Mendonça, Salman Siddiqui, Samantha Walker, Tonya Winders, Joe Zein.


ICAN is committed to providing a safe, collegial environment that is inclusive and free from any form of discrimination. Participants are expected to be collaborative, considerate of other participants, and respectful of their viewpoints.

Have questions? Please visit our FAQ or contact GAAPP.

This meeting was made possible with the support and efforts of the Global Allergy and Asthma Patient Platform.

Photos of ICAN 2023


You can download a digital copy of the program for the event

ICAN 2022 Publication

Download the 2022 published report that describes the purpose, development, and outcomes of the first ICAN forum.

Frequently Asked Questions

The form will ask for a brief (3-sentence) summary of your research project.  No specific word count criteria.  The form also has the opportunity to expand on ICAN themes of Innovation and Collaboration (no specific word count criteria).

The ICAN Meeting will be held at the NH Milano Congress Centre. Invited presenters will receive their accommodations for the night preceding the meeting on 8 September at the NH Milano Congress Centre. A request for housing for this night will be included in the registration form. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate reservations after 8 September. If you wish to extend your stay, please contact the hotel directly. To stay at a location closer to the ERS Congress at the conclusion of the ICAN meeting, please visit the ERS Housing Website.

The event will be held at the NH Milano Congress Centre which is located approximately 29 km from the ERS Congress at the Allianz MiCo. While it is not within walking distance, the ERS Congress can be reached by either a 25-minute drive or a 40-minute train ride.  Directions are available at: https://www.nh-hotels.com/hotel/nh-milano-congress-centre/map

You are welcome to submit an abstract. We will place accepted abstracts in groups that fit most closely by topic as well as consider ICAN 2023 themes of Innovation, Collaboration and the Need for International Translation when determining groups.

During registration, you can designate to whom the stipend should be made available to. Payments are made via wire transfer in either USD or EURO and will be processed at the conclusion of the meeting or once payment details are provided to the organizers. Please note: to receive a stipend, you will have to provide a completed W9 for the recipient. 

It is always a good idea to do this before any public presentation. We encourage you to do this.


This meeting is a closed and confidential meeting; your presentation and ideas discussed at the meeting will not be disclosed outside of the meeting, comparable to the confidentiality of an NIH study section.

You may not present the same abstract and data you will have presented at ERS. However, if your abstract is the “next step,” you may refer ICAN attendees to data you will be presenting at ATS as background. For example, your data may have advanced between the time of the ERS abstract deadline and the ICAN deadline. Also, if the innovation and value of your abstract were not well-recognized by the ATS abstract review committees (i.e., it is a brilliant, innovative, transformative idea that was only accepted for an ATS thematic poster session), you may submit it to ICAN for a higher profile presentation if you agree to withdraw the abstract from ERS.

We expect that most people attending the meeting will stay for ERS.

Travel stipends will be available for presenters and may be available for other attendees, depending on conference resources. Available stipends will be designated as follows: € 500 for EU, € 1000 for Africa/Americas, € 2000 for Asia Pacific.

Flights will not be arranged by ICAN but any available stipends are intended to offset travel costs. Available stipends will be provided at the in-person conference as a paper check.

There is no registration fee for this event. There is also no fee associated with abstract submission. Lodging will be provided, as well as select meals during the conference. Travel stipends will be provided to offset travel costs.

No, the in-person meeting will not have a virtual stream available; attendees are expected to attend in-person.

We appreciate your interest, but due to the design and funding of the event, attendance is limited to presenters, select presenter-mentors and a few invitees with niche skills for abstract advancement. We hope that in the years to come, we can expand this conference so there are opportunities for more people to engage.

Attendance to this meeting is by invitation only. Only those who have submitted an abstract and are selected to present will be invited to attend; Mentors/advisors of selected presenters may also be extended an invite, if listed as a mentor by the presenter, and if meeting resources allow. Other invited attendees are selected persons of skill and advisement strategic for the furthering of presenter’s ideas (i.e., an IP lawyer, a medical writer).

All are welcome to submit, but we are particularly interested in hearing from junior and mid-career investigators who are not fully established and have innovative ideas in the beyond-T2 asthma space.

With generous support from: