The lungs are a vital organ. It enables breathing and ensures that the oxygen from the breathing air gets into the blood and, thus, into the entire body. Breathing is one of the most important vital functions. This makes it all the more important to have regular lung function measurements, which can be used to detect lung diseases at an early stage. A current survey in Austria by the nationwide patient organization “Austrian Lung Union” takes a close look at the knowledge of the Austrian population about measuring lung function. The results need improvement. The awareness and information campaign “How fit are your lungs?” (Wie fit is deine lunge) is intended to counteract this.

Respiratory diseases such as asthma or COPD affect more than a million people in Austria. COPD is the third leading cause of death worldwide. Lung function measurement enables early detection of lung diseases. Nevertheless, very few people know their current lung function. “We are taking World Health Day as a starting point for future activities to explain this important research and raise awareness of regular lung screening,” notes Gundula Koblmiller, MSc, ÖLU board member.

Education and awareness campaign “How fit are your lungs?”

This campaign, proudly supported by GAAPP, will run for seven months between World Asthma Day in May and World COPD Day in November; the “How Fit Are Your Lungs?” campaign puts the lungs front and center and explains the importance of lung function testing. In addition, anyone who wants to can do free spirometry on-site.

Ten campaign days are planned in ten shopping centers throughout Austria. Interested parties can check their lung fitness by a small lung function measurement. The campaign will start on 13 May 2023 in the Westfield Donau Zentrum (Vienna), followed by other campaign days on nine Saturdays – one of them again in Vienna and eight in all other federal states. There is also an information folder and further information is available on the website of the Austrian Lung Union, or you can also Download the brochure (in German only) .

Visit the Lungenunion website to see the available dates and locations throughout Austria.

This campaign has been proudly supported by GAAPP