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Save the Dates!

24 April 2024 Webinar: Nasal Polyps (CRSwNP)
25 April 2024 GAAPP Academy: Engaging with the WHO

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Tonya Winders, GAAPP President

From the President’s Desk

April is quickly passing and the flowers are growing in my hometown…

Our GAAPP community is growing too! Welcome to our three new member organizations from Argentina, China and Colombia!

I also want to give our best wishes to AAIDA formerly led by Lauren Dunlap from the US as her board has decided to close the organization and grant all intellectual property to GAAPP. Lauren is a passionate advocate who will continue to engage as a patient and we wish her well in new endeavors!


Finally, we are super excited to share the two webinars below and trust you will find them Informative. We look forward to hearing about all of your World Asthma Day activities and please send photos of events held.

Thank you all for your continued efforts to improve the lives of those living with allergies, atopic and airways diseases!

All my best,


GAAPP News & Opportunities


Webinar Victor.jpg

Webinar: Nasal Polyps (CRSwNP)

Join our webinar on Global CRSw/NP Awareness Day with board-certified allergist/immunologist Dr. Elina Jerschow. Gain profound insights into CRSw/NP for better patient outcomes. Tune in to hear from real patients like Mitchell Silva and Victor Gascón, getting candid about what it is like living with the condition.

Reserve your spot ➡️HERE!



Webinar Tonya.jpg

GAAPP Academy: Engaging with the WHO

Professional development opportunity: GAAPP Academy presents an informative session on ‘Engaging with the World Health Organization (WHO)’ this 25 April at 3 PM CET. Join GAAPP President Tonya Winders and Salud Justa Director Erick Ochoa, facilitated by Kristen Willard, Head of Education at GAAPP. Expand your organization’s impact in global health advocacy.

Register now➡️HERE!




Advocacy & Awareness for Immune Disorders Association (AAIDA) merges with GAAPP:

As you know, 2020 brought with it a multitude of challenges. Small nonprofits were especially negatively impacted with more than 1/3 forced to close. Unfortunately, these challenges have negatively impacted AAIDA. In order for the AAIDA mission to live on, the AAIDA Board of Directors has voted to formally dissolve and merge AAIDA with GAAPP. As long-term partners, we are honored to have the legacy of AAIDA live on.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions at info@gaapp.org.



New Members


I seek (China).png

iSEEK – Beijing Aixike Pulmonary Hypertension Rare Disease Care Center


APAV - Asociación Civil Un Aliento Para Vence (Argentina).jpg

APAV – Asociación Civil Un Aliento Para Vence


Fundacion FUNDEM (Colombia).png

Fundacion FUNDEM




We proudly represent 120 organizations in 52 countries from all continents 


We advocate for 20 Pathologies across all allergy, atopic, and airways diseases


 More than 30 papers published and supported more than 30 multi-stakeholder projects



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