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Save the Dates!

29 Februrary 2024 World Rare Disease Day
05 March 2024 GAAPP Academy: Optimizing your use of GAAPP Resources
10-11 July 2024 Annual General Meeting & SAREAL 2024, Santiago, Chile

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Tonya Winders, GAAPP President

GAAPP News & Opportunities


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GAAPP Annual General Meeting & SAREAL 202

This year, GAAPP will conduct its 2024 Annual General Meeting in a hybrid format, in person in the Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center Santiago (Chile) and by Zoom streaming. This will be followed by SAREAL 2024 in the same location.

If you want to attend the Annual General Meeting and SAREAL 2024 in person, please register at the link that you will find in the page below.

If you can´t attend in person you will also find on the page the links to register for virtual attendance to both events.



GAAPP Academy:

Member organizations: would you like to learn more about GAAPP’s resources and where to find them?

Join us on 5 March for this year’s first GAAPP Academy, “Optimizing Your Use of GAAPP Resources” with our VP of Education, Kristen Willard, MS. There will be time for questions and answers.

📆 Date: 5 March 2024
⏱Time: 15:00h CET

Register here



Get Involved

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World #RareDiseaseDay

February 29 is #RareDiseaseDay, the rarest day of the year! As one of 300 million people worldwide and their loved ones affected by a rare disease.

Learn more and download assets and social media toolkits and other resources.

Additionally, stay tuned to our social media, where we will be sharing this month other online and in-person events, campaigns and resources from GAAPP member organizations for #RareDiseaseDay.



Member News


EoE Spanish APFED.png
APFED´s EoE Resources now available in Spanish

APFED, with the support of GAAPP, has translated and released a plethora of resources, including a website, videos, flyers, guides, and a platform to share experiences for those dealing with Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disorders (EGIDs) and specifically EoE (Eosinophilic Esophagitis). Get involved, make a difference!

Access the resources in Spanish



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GAAPP Funding Requests

As a member organization you are eligible to apply for funding grants to help to achieve your goals and initiatives.

To learn more about the requirements, please visit our Member´s Area.

The deadline for the next request review is 15 March 2024



New Resources section

GAAPP has inaugurated a new section of our website where you can easily browse our nonperishable resources for education, advocacy, awareness and digital health.

These resources are all free, pubically available and translations can be requested for any.

Visit the new website section

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New Members


Allergies Québec



Rare Disease Foundation of Iran




We proudly represent 118 organizations in 52 countries from all continents 


We advocate for 19 Pathologies across all allergy, atopic, and airways diseases


 More than 30 papers published and supported more than 30 multi-stakeholder projects



GAAPP Corporate Council


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