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Save the Dates!

6 June 2024 Capacity building program for vaccination in pregnancy
10,11 July 2024 AGM & SAREAL

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Tonya Winders, GAAPP President

From the President’s Desk

The mid-point of 2024  is quickly upon us & we are actively preparing for the upcoming annual general meeting where we will elect board members and celebrate continued success of GAAPP. Please make plans to join us virtually if unable to attend in Chile. 

Also, welcome our newest members from Mexico, Argentina, Italy & Belgium. One new member, Alliance of PH, has members throughout Europe & Japan.

A huge thank you & congratulations to all on a successful World Asthma Day 2024. See highlights from several events below….


This newsletter is packed with interesting information on the pharma industry annual corporate reputation, as well as a new GAAPP authored publication on monitoring asthma in children.

Finally, check out a new EFA website which will be sure to help millions of people across the globe.

I can hardly wait to see many of you next month. Please travel safely &  continue advocating for those living with allergic, atopic & airways diseases.

All my best,


GAAPP News & Opportunities


AGM 2024.png

AGM and SAREAL in person Registration Now Closed

On May 4th we closed the registration, but you can still attend both events online. Translations in Spanish, English and French will be provided, if you need other languages please let us know. Register to attend online!

Register to AGM online HERE!

Attend SAREAL online (for Ibero/Latin American Organizations) HERE!




GAAPP Board of Directors election 2024

As stated in our constitution, each elected board member has a mandate for 3 years so we have now reached the conclusion of 2 terms, the President and Vice-president of the Board, to which we have formally opened the call for candidates. The voting will be held during the AGM in Chile in person and online.

More details:➡️



Get Involved


EFA about asthma.png

On 7 May, World Asthma Day 2024, the European Federation of Allergy and Airways Diseases Patients’ Associations (EFA) launched, an innovative online guide for asthma patients and carers, in three new languages: French, Italian and Spanish in collaboration with AFPRAL (France), Respiriamo Insieme (Italy) and FENAER (Spain).

The newly launched is poised to bring about significant change, providing educational support to asthma patients and their caregivers.



Asthma Plan.png

New #GAAPPCoauthoredPublication:

“Recommendations for asthma monitoring in children: A PeARL document endorsed by APAPARI, EAACI, INTERASMA, REG, and WAO”. Following an approach that included needs assessment, evidence appraisal, and Delphi consensus, the PeARL Think Tank, in collaboration with major international professional and patient organizations, has developed a set of 24 recommendations on pediatric asthma monitoring, to support healthcare professionals in decision-making and care pathway design.

Read the publication HERE!




Patient View Corporate Reputation of Pharma Survey Results:

During, and immediately after, the Covid-19 pandemic, pharma saw a significant increase in its approval ratings among patients, patient groups, and the public at large. However, the results of the 2023 survey contain early indications that pharma’s elevated reputational status may not be sustainable. While respondent patient groups from some countries reported increases in the industry’s corporate reputation in 2023, respondent patient groups from Australia, a number of European and Latin-American countries, as well as patient groups from the USA, judged pharma’s corporate reputation to have declined in 2023.

To download a PDF copy of this press release click HERE!



Member News


Cross the Goal F 2nd AD.jpg

Cross the Goals 2nd Atopic Dermatitis conference in Puerto Rico

GAAPP proudly supported the 2nd symposium on Atopic Dermatitis in Puerto Rico. The event was a celebration of the signing into law of the recognition of Atopic Dermatitis in Puerto Rico thanks to the efforts of Cross the Goal Foundation Inc., our member organization. The symposium educated patients and HCPs.

For more, click HERE!


Pic Three.jpgGhana National Campaign for World Asthma Day 2024

Our member organization The Community And Family Aid Foundation in Ghana organized a series of month long Asthma advocacy activities around the global THEME: ASTHMA EDUCATION MATTERS with the support from GAAPP. Their aim was to make an impact and demand support, effective attention on asthma and to emphasize the need to empower people with asthma with the appropriate education to manage their disease, and for them to recognize when to seek medical attention.




Posnetek zaslona 2024-05-30 100656.png

GAAPP And LATIN HEALTH Leaders capacity building program for vaccination in pregnancy in Spanish

Starting on May 8th, Latin Health Leaders launched a course on Maternal Immunization Advocacy. Through 10 modules, LHL will explore everything from immunization basics to advanced advocacy strategies and public policy. Each module prepares you to be a stronger and more effective advocate. This course not only provides you with information, but prepares you to be a change agent, strengthening your leadership and advocacy skills. Upon completion, you will be ready to make a palpable difference in maternal and newborn health. You can still join them, the next module is on June 6th 2024.

 Register today and start your journey 👉 click HERE!



New Members


Alliance for Pulmonary Hypertension (Belgium).jpeg

Alliance for Pulmonary Hypertension


ARCO (Italy).png

ARCO – Associazione per la Ricerca e Cura dell’Orticaria



Asociación civil de dermatitis atópica argentina ADAR (Argentina).jpeg

Asociación civil de dermatitis atópica argentina – ADAR


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Fundación Respira e Inspira A.C




We proudly represent 124 organizations in 52 countries from all continents 


We advocate for 20 Pathologies across all allergy, atopic, and airways diseases


 More than 30 papers published and supported more than 30 multi-stakeholder projects



GAAPP Corporate Council


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