As part of the A16 ALAT Congress, GAAPP and Latin Health Leaders will conduct the second SAREAL event to bring together more than 20 Latin American Patient Advocacy Groups working on airways, allergic and atopic diseases. This patient event will also enrich the scientific program’s perspective and bring the patient voice to the healthcare professionals in 2 sessions hosted by patient advocates in the scientific program. SAREAL 2023 will be a 2-day summit on August 11 and 12, 2023, in Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic.

Respiratory Health, Allergy, and Atopy

The Respiratory Health, Allergy, and Atopy Summit (“SAREAL” As it reads its acronym in Spanish) brings together organizations working for chronic respiratory diseases (prevalent and rare), allergic, and atopic conditions to explore the underlying connection and commonalities. This meeting provided the Latin American patient advocacy groups a chance to work together, network, expand their mission to cover more pathologies and develop a joint roadmap to work together toward a common goal: To improve the quality and span of life of patients in LATAM.

Watch the replay

If you missed the event in person or the streaming, you can now watch the replay of the first day (disease update sessions) on Youtube. If you want to watch a specific session open the video on the YouTube player and navigate to the specific time-stamp using the pre-defined chapters.


The Program is only available in Spanish and was subject to slight changes in the timing or order of the sessions.

Did you miss SAREAL 2022?

You can watch the video summary and photos of the SAREAL 2022 event in Panama City and download our declaration in English and Spanish:

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