Severe Asthma Index

The Severe Asthma Index reviews severe asthma care across 29 Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) countries and aims to illuminate best practices, drive informed discussions toward advocacy and policy initiatives that support the best standard of care, and advocate for national action plans to meet unmet patient needs. The Severe Asthma Index was developed independently by a not-for-profit think tank, the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (CIFS), and was validated and led by a six-member external Steering Committee made up of academics, patient advocacy leaders, and respiratory healthcare professionals with financial support provided by Sanofi and Regeneron. 

The Severe Asthma Index has been in development for over a year, engaging the global severe asthma community and measuring over 600 quantitative and qualitative data references against 28 indicators to create five key measurement categories. Together, the data and its analysis led to the formation of four key policy asks:

  • Ensure the implementation of coherent, long-term strategies and guidelines for severe asthma
  • Emphasise the role of prevention and early intervention in severe asthma care
  • Implement standardized reporting protocols and improve access to severe asthma-related data
  • Empower patients and educate the public about the impact of severe asthma

To read more, you can access the Severe Asthma Index via the website, where you can review how each country performed. For your reference, please see the attached Companion Report containing a full list of takeaways –Please feel free to share key take aways of this resource in your ongoing efforts to amplify awareness and improve standards of asthma care. 

Severe Asthma Index Report

Discover country-specific analysis of 29 OECD countries – including insights for each country – to drive policy action and improve the standard of severe asthma care.