COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, is the third leading cause of death, but no one speaks about it. As a consequence, COPD is given too little priority. It is not treated as it should be because not enough money is dedicated to it.

About this campaign

With our campaign named SPEAK UP FOR COPD, we want to increase the awareness and understanding of COPD among policymakers and healthcare systems.

By 2030, the global cost of COPD will rise to $4.8 trillion. Nonetheless, politicians worldwide still do not pay much attention to COPD. Furthermore, not enough money is being spent to address the population and societal burden of COPD.

The world can no longer ignore COPD. We need people to recognize the impact of COPD on individuals and society. We need to make sure that people living with this disease get the care they need and deserve. We need your support to SPEAK UP FOR COPD.

Why Speak Up for COPD?

On behalf of the Speak Up for COPD multi-stakeholder coalition, HPP has produced a video that calls for policymakers to prioritize prevention, early detection, and comprehensive disease management – and ultimately improve the lives of everyone with COPD. It’s time to break the silence!

We need your help!

Please make your voice heard as you support SPEAK UP FOR COPD to help people with COPD get the treatment they deserve.

Please help us get the attention of policymakers and health leaders to make COPD a public health priority.

GAAPP’s mission

As global patient representatives, we want to make patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, policymakers, and the public aware of the impact of COPD. Moreover, we also want to show how patient care can improve. We believe that patients should be able to live freely with COPD without symptoms and flare-ups. Furthermore, COPD patients should be able to live as long as possible without going to hospitals all the time.