Urticaria Patient Advocacy Group Survey

GAAPP and other patient advocacy groups working in Urticaria had the chance to attend the Global Urticaria Forum 2022 (7-8 December 2022, Berlin, Germany) and have a patient corner to engage with health care professionals, researchers, and industry to bring further attention to the challenges of Urticaria patients globally and assess how to further improve the quality of life of the people living with this condition.

GAAPP and the Canadian Association of Chronic Urticaria conducted a survey of healthcare providers, researchers, and industry partners who were Allergists, Immunologists, Clinical Specialist Nurses, Professors, and Global Medical Leaders.

The respondents were from Canada, Germany, India, The Netherlands, and Switzerland.

This showcases the most relevant results from that survey

(Click on the images to enlarge them).

Some answers to this question included the following messages:

“Doctors are not aware of HAE.”

“HAE doesn´t present with hives, so if someone has angioedema and hives – this is not HAE. c1 inhibitor level, C4 and C1 inhibitor functional assay can diagnose HAE.”

“Yes – C1 inhibitor level and function.”

Assets are available in Spanish on this link.

If you want these assets to translate into your language, please let us know at info@gaapp.org