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The world has been discussing lung health since the last COVID-19 pandemic, and we talk about global solutions to strengthen our healthcare and support systems. However, we often forget to give an actual global voice to the problem. The world is a very diverse place, and each country and region has different challenges when it comes to respiratory health.

To provide an actual global perspective, during 2023’s edition of our Global Respiratory Summit, GAAPP asked 11 global patient advocates and leaders of patient organizations from 8 different countries and three continents who joined us in Milan what was the biggest challenge for Lung Health in their countries.

These testimonials were edited in a short video that we hope will be a testimonial of the challenges in lung health during World Lung Day and beyond and that it will be a long-lasting advocacy and awareness tool that will support our efforts to prioritize chronic respiratory diseases with the WHO and its member countries.

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Communication grant for GAAPP Member Organizations

GAAPP has launched its communication grant for World Lung Day 2023.

We have prepared a social media toolkit to help us promote this video on the websites and channels of our member organizations. A 200€ grant is offered to help us promote these resources from 25 September to 25 October.

The assets for the social media campaign are available in English and Spanish.

If you require the assets translated into another language, please do not hesitate to contact us at vgascon@gaapp.org, and we will gladly arrange that for you.

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