The hidden disease

People living with Atopic Ezcema have many hidden burdens and usually, patients hide their condition:

  • More than 50% try to hide eczema
  • 58% are ashamed of their skin
  • more than 70% envy people with normal skin
  • 23% do not look with optimism their life with atopic dermatitis
  • 25% feel that cannot cope well with the pathology

Hence, many people suffer from stress and even depression. (1)

Putting a face to Atopic Eczema

There is no need to hide!
GAAPP, with the help of its member organizations, has created this campaign to collect and share testimonials (text, video, or photos). 

We will collect testimonials from our member organizations’ patient community and promote awareness, normalize and make this hidden disease visible. All collected testimonials will be shared on our social media, this website, and all our digital outlets from the 1st to the 14th of September 2021 to celebrate World Atopic Eczema Day.


We want to thank all the Patient Organizations that participated this year:

With the support of: