For 2023 #WorldurticariaDay2023, GAAPP, in response to the unmet needs expressed by our members during our monthly coffee chats, have created a campaign where we will support the Urticaria orgs by promoting their organizations via a video and using Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn Ads, while also supporting them with a communication grant so they can also invest in the promotion of this assets.

Patient organizations play a vital role in empowering, caring for, and supporting Urticaria patients. These organizations can have a more meaningful impact on policy, advocacy, and awareness if they have more patients associated with them and more financial support to be sustainable and continue their charitable mission in their own countries.

We aim to have more patients engage with our member patient advocacy groups locally and become members or associates of these organizations to get the support, education, and patient network that will empower them and bring them to a path for better Urticaria management and overall health.

Engage with your local patient organization

Check the countries available on this page, play the video, and find the links to engage and become a member of your local patient organization:


Urticarie Chronique

Contact details:

English subtitles are available on the YouTube player.



Contact details:



Contact details:

El Salvador


Contact details:


APUrtica – Associação Portuguesa de Doentes de Urticária

Contact details:

English subtitles are available on the YouTube player.

Russian Federation

Skin and allergic diseases

Contact details:

English subtitles are available on the YouTube player.


Alergija i ja

Contact details:


Društvo AD

Contact details:

Communication grant for GAAPP Member Organizations

GAAPP has launched its communication grant for World Urticaria Day 2023.

A 200€ grant is offered to help us promote the video, inviting patients to join as members in your patient organization by sharing the video in your own channels or the Youtube URL from 1 to 30 October.

If your organization works in Urticaria, record a less than 60-second video in your language explaining why it’s important that patients engage and become members of your own patient association and send it to The video can be recorded using your phone or the computer webcam, etc. We will follow up with details after you share the video with us.

UDay Assets

Please also check and share the assets and toolkit created by GA2LEN.

Thank you to all the Member Organizations and other organizations that participated in this project:

With generous support from our sponsors: