Chronic lung conditions encompass a range of varying-severity illnesses that rank high among global causes of sickness and death. According to WHO statistics 1, several hundred million individuals are currently battling chronic respiratory diseases.

In Italy, roughly 6 million individuals are diagnosed with ASTHMA and COPD. Among adults, the prevalence stands at 7.0%: 3.4% for asthma, 2.6% for COPD, and 1.0% for ACOS (Asthma-COPD Overlap Syndrome)2.

Proper treatment is the primary method to manage disease symptoms effectively.

Regrettably, many patients using inhalation medications often misuse them, severely compromising drug effectiveness. Additionally, numerous healthcare experts are unfamiliar with the precise techniques for each inhaler.

The Project:

Unlike other drug treatments, the success of inhalation therapy can be compromised if not administered correctly.

The inhalation method varies based on the formulation (be it powder or spray) and the specific inhaler technology used, as there are multiple types, and they aren’t interchangeable.

The project DEVICE4PATIENTS 3 was developed to guide both patients and healthcare professionals on the correct use of inhalation devices, ensuring patients are at the forefront of their treatment.

Initiated by the Respiriamo Insieme Association – APS in collaboration with ArIR (Italian Association for The Rehabilitation of Respiratory Failure), it offers a comprehensive platform for information, training, and education on inhalation treatments. This platform was established by the Respiriamo Insieme Association’s Educational Hub to enhance the treatment compliance of those with chronic respiratory conditions.

The program features an educational journey that includes 12 videos on inhalation devices, coupled with virtual classroom sessions. Each session, lasting around 40 minutes, is facilitated by a pulmonologist, a respiratory physiotherapist, and a knowledgeable patient from the Association. The aim is to educate and guide patients toward correctly using inhalation devices and essential tools for managing chronic respiratory ailments.

GAAPP is a proud supporter of this event that was granted 25% of the funding through our “Request for Project Funding” section.